Screenings & Awards

Norwegian Shortfilm Festival

The Norwegian Short Film Festival is an important debut arena for many young filmmakers in Norway, and for the more established filmmakers perhaps the most important showcase for free and independent movies. The competition programme for international short films attracts filmmakers from the rest of the world to Grimstad, and the festival facilitates for bonds to be tied between the Norwegian and the international film community. The films submitted to both the Norwegian and international competitions are discussed during daily participant gatherings.
In addition to the award programmes, the festival presents retrospectives, international documentaries, newer film and video experiments and film occupational seminars and debates.



Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

A monthly film festival that celebrates creative work from around the world with more than 50 awards given away each month to those well deserving film makers from around the world in the heart of Hollywood. 
We believe every department works hard in making a film and we want to celebrate your hard work, recognizing your talents with awards. Our Jury, will select the winners in different categories. 
We are bringing out the best short films in the form of Drama, Comedy, Horror, Sci fi, Action, Animation, Commercials, Documentaries, Web-series, Travel films from around the globe and present it all under one roof.





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